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Play Clockwords: Act I

Clockwords: Act I

Clockwords: Act I is a marvelous little game that puts a spin on the traditional online typing game. Instead of providing you...

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  • Play Finger Frenzy World

    Finger Frenzy World


    Okay, I want to know what exactly makes Finger Frenzy...

  • Play Letter Launch

    Letter Launch


    Letter Launch is one of the rare online typing games...

  • Play Arrow Dance

    Arrow Dance


    Arrow Dance is a great online typing game with a...

  • Play Word War I

    Word War I


    Word War I is more than just your typical online...

  • Play Fast Typer 2

    Fast Typer 2


    Fast Typer 2 is an incredible addictive online typing game...

  • Play Type Type Revolution

    Type Type Revolution


    Dance Dance Revolution - ah, those days. Who could forget...

  • Play Alpha Attack

    Alpha Attack


    Alpha Attack is an addictive and engrossing typing game that...

  • Play Clockwords: Prelude

    Clockwords: Prelude


    Clockwords: Prelude is the first of the Clockworks series of...

  • Play Fast Typer

    Fast Typer


    When playing typing games, or any game for that matter,...

  • Play MoonType: Episode 2

    MoonType: Episode 2


    The aliens have returned in MoonType: Episode 2, the sequel...

  • Play Bomb Squad

    Bomb Squad


    Bomb Squad is a challenging online typing game that offers...

  • Play Type & Relax

    Type & Relax


    Type & Relax is a great online typing game for...

  • Play Word Wise Jetsetter

    Word Wise Jetsetter


    Word Wise Jetsetter is a unique online typing game that...

  • Play Excuses Excuses

    Excuses Excuses


    Excuses Excuses is just too much fun. This great online...

  • Play Type & Groove

    Type & Groove


    Type & Groove is a basic typing game but the...

  • Play Gyroshi



    Gyroshi is an awesome online typing game that requires skill,...

  • Play Word Reaper Concept

    Word Reaper Concept


    Word Reaper Concept is similar to many of the other...

  • Play Air Typer

    Air Typer


    Air Typer is a hybrid of typing game and shooter...

  • Play Typix



    Typix is sort of live several different typing games in...

  • Play Alphabet



    Alphabet is a fun and simple online typing game that...

  • Play Word Mountain

    Word Mountain


    Word Mountain seems like just a typical typing game on...

  • Play Fireball Typer

    Fireball Typer


    Fireball Typer is a very frustrating and very fun online...

  • Play Letters Master

    Letters Master


    Letters Master is a simplistic game that is great for...

  • Play TypeDown



    TypeDown is without question one of the most difficult, frustrating...

  • Play QWERTY Warriors 2

    QWERTY Warriors 2


    If you are a huge fan of shooting and typing...

  • Play Typo



    Typo is a three stage typing game which doubles as...

  • Play Key Master 2

    Key Master 2


    Key Master 2 is an excellent online typing game with...

  • Play Moon Type

    Moon Type


    Moon Type is a defense game where players utilize their...

  • Play Keyboard ActionHero

    Keyboard ActionHero


    Keyboard ActionHero is a truly unique typing game that combines...

  • Play Assault Typing

    Assault Typing


    Assult Typing is an excellent online typing game that offers...

  • Play Quicktype



    Quicktype is a challenging online typing game in which you...

  • Play Krazy Keyz

    Krazy Keyz


    Typing games - they are like potatoes. You can have...

  • Play Bloop



    Bloop is a combination of shooting game and typing game....

  • Play Typing Jim

    Typing Jim


    Typing Jim is an excellent number based typing game that...

  • Play The Key Master

    The Key Master


    The Key Master is a typing game that puts you...

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    Ninja Hunter is a hybrid of typing game and defense game. Ninja Hunter features sleek graphics, fluid animations, simple controls,...

  • Letters Master Thumbnail

    Letters Master is a simplistic game that is great for practicing typing. This typing game features straightforward controls, challenging gameplay,...

  • Moon Type Thumbnail

    Moon Type is a defense game where players utilize their typing skills to defend the Moon from aliens. This typing...

  • MoonType: Episode 2 Thumbnail

    The aliens have returned in MoonType: Episode 2, the sequel to the typing game, MoonType, and it is up to...

  • Ink Battle Thumbnail

    Ink Battle is a blend between typing game and war game that features colorful graphics, simple controls, and numerous upgrades....

Online Typing Games

Welcome to Online Typing Games! We aim to collect the top online typing games here. Practice your typing skills here!

Whether you are a young kid at school, or a grownup that could use some help in improving your computer skills, or a teacher who wants to make her typing lessons fun, engaging, and effective, OnlineTypingGames.org is the gaming website you simply have to check out!

Why after all, typing is one of the MOST basic computer skills that you need to be adept at if you want a chance to land a good-paying job nowadays. Heck! Having good typing skills can take you really far...as far as having a home-based job that pays you a full-time job. Yes, you don't even have to leave your pajamas!

And here's the great news: OnlineTypingGames.org will make make your training and honing of your typing skills fun and effective with the top online typing games we showcase here.

Students and teachers read this: OnlineTypingGames.org and the online typing games found here have been used by many teachers to effectively teach their students the way to typing mastery while keeping the process FUN and staving off boredom.

And to make the deal even sweeter, all of the typing games found here are kid and adult-friendly. With so many appealing games in this site, it's NOT that easy to pick which one to get started with. BUT don't worry! You can never go wrong with giving our Top 10 Online Typing Games list a shot. Here's a sampler:

When Typing Accuracy Comes First

So you think you are pretty good at typing? Want to test and hone your typing speed and accuracy? Then Fast Typer 2 is a simple typing game that will keep you glued in your monitor and keyboard for hours! With simple graphics, a simple premise, and a simple goal, getting started with this game is, well...SIMPLE!

The idea: type as many words as you can within 30 seconds! The only thing hard about it is achieving a HIGH score. You need to have fast and, MORE importantly, accurate typing fingers. While the deduction of one second for every mistake doesn't sound a lot, it WILL be a lot when your mistakes add up!

A Typing Game With A Twist!

Clockwords: Act 1 is one marvelous typing game that doesn't just teach you how to type fast BUT how to think fast too! Here's the twist: you are NOT given any words to type. Instead, you need to come up with your own words that you need to submit to eliminate those steam powered bugs. This twist from the usual 'type what you see on the screen' game play makes this game very engaging and fun!

Typing Games For Newbies

Before you can practice your typing speed and accuracy, you need to be familiar with the keyboard and the location of the keys in it. And that's exactly what you will develop in the online typing game: Jumping Caterpillar! And even better, it teaches you how to position your fingers...CORRECTLY!

Typing mastery takes time. BUT don't worry - OnlineTypingGames.org is here to stay to give you all of the typing practice...and FUN that you will ever need!