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Zombie Typocalypse Instructions

Type words using the letter keys on your keyboard. Switch weapons using the number keys. Switch ammo type using the '[' and ']' keys.

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Zombie Typocalypse is definitely not your typical typing game. Filled with zombies and offering words you'd never see in any of the other typing games online, this one will help you strengthen your typing skills while allowing you the pleasure of killing zombies. With that said, it's far from an easy game and will actually put your typing skills to the test. If you're not a great typer you're going to have a hard time with this one but fear not! With practice comes experience and with a game this entertaining, practice is no problem.

Aside from the fact that you're typing words to kill zombies, Zombie Typocalypse is also unique in that it actually comes with a pretty interesting back story. Basically, a zombie apocalypse has begun due to an accident at a secret military research base. Isn't that the way these things usually break out? Anyway, the situation is dire and there is only one option - get out of dodge and wait for the zombies to starve to death. After all, zombies needs brains to survive. There is a launch pad with a shuttle ready and waiting to take you away but there's a small problem with that - there are zombies everywhere. If you want to make it to the shuttle, you'll need to take out those zombies. This is where the typing comes in.

In Zombie Typocalypse, every zombie that appears on the screen will be mumbling a particular word. That word will be shown above the zombie's head. You need to type that word as quickly as possible to target the zombie and shoot it dead - or dead again, as the case may be. Being quick with your typing fingers isn't enough though. You also need to be accurate. The backspace key will not help you in this game. If you mess up on a word, you'll have to start over from the beginning of that word, giving the zombie more time to advance on you. In addition, screwing up at the very end of either a long word or a series of words is going to slow you down significantly which you definitely don't want. Zombies can be fairly quick. You need to stay ahead of them.

Upgrades are absolutely vital in Zombie Typocalypse is you hope to beat the game which is fairly unusual in the world of online typing games. You can upgrade just about every aspect of the game from special options like buying grenades (blow up all zombies in an area), buying a fence (hold zombies back), buying upgrades for the 'slow time' bonus which we'll discuss in a moment, buying armor (take less damage from zombie attacks) and one of my favorites, the 'dumbifier'(makes the words less difficult) to more traditional weapons upgrades like buying better guns or better ammo for your guns. There are three different difficulty levels to choose from; easy, normal and hard. If you have decent typing skills, you should be able to tackle hard and, with upgrades, succeed in beating the game. If you have decent typing skills but decide to play it safe and stick with easy, you can likely get through the entire game only buying ammo for the basic fun you start the game with. If you haven't yet developed your typing skills though, you're definitely going to need all the help you can get - even on easy.

There are several bonuses you can collect in Zombie Typocalypse that can help you improve your chances of beating the game but those bonuses aren't always easy to get. You collect bonuses the same way you kill zombies; by typing the word or phrase that appears above the bonus. You need to be fast and accurate with bonuses too though as most of them don't really give you much time to collect them before they disappear. Ammo bonuses give you more ammo which is definitely useful. They also tend to be the easier bonuses to get as they stick around a bit longer than the other bonuses. Health bonuses tend to be the hardest to get. They often have more complicated words or phrases and seem to disappear fastest. While health bonuses are great, focus on getting rid of any zombies that are an immediate threat first. If you miss out on the health bonus, another one will come along. Keep an eye on your health bar though (the red line at the top left side of the game screen). If you are nearly dead and have time, try extra hard for the bonus. Slow time bonuses are also helpful but if you're a fast typer, you may find you don't really need them in the first few levels. Later in the game when things get more difficult though, the slow time bonuses can be life savers. The briefcase bonuses are great but again, if you don't have time to get them don't worry about them too much. They give you a great cash bonus which will help you buy important upgrades, but a cash bonus won't be of much use to you if you die trying to get it.

There are several things you can focus on if you want to beat Zombie Typocalypse. It is far more complicated than most of the other typing games online but the basic rules of typing games still apply. You need to be fast but you also need to be accurate. You get a bonus for killing chains of zombies without making a mistake. Try to get that chain as high as possible. If that means you have to slow down a bit when typing then do it. If you make a mistake, you'll cost yourself time and give the zombies a chance to close in on you. That's definitely something you want to avoid. In addition, you need to prioritize in this game. Go for the fastest moving zombies or the zombies with the least complicated words or phrases first. The zombies with complicated phrases take more time and concentration and will be easier to deal with when you don't have a ton of other zombies to deal with. Finally, pay attention to punctuation. If there is a coma, an exclamation mark or a question mark, you need to type that as well. You don't want to get all the way to the end of a phrase and mess up because you missed a punctuation mark. Making sure you hit space between words is important as well but remember not to hit space after you've finished a phrase. You'll lose your chain.

Overall, there is a lot to take in with Zombie Typocalypse. It is a complicated typing game but that's really what makes it stand out from all of the other typing games online. This one is unique and engrossing. It's the kind of typing game fans of the genre will really appreciate because it really goes out of its way to deliver excitement and intensity. It's more than a typing game though. It's a zombie killing game. It's a skill game. It's also an incredibly addictive game that's going to keep you coming back for more. If you love typing games but are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, this is one you absolutely need to check out. You'll have a blast.