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Word Wise Jetsetter Instructions

Type the words on the bottom of the screen using the letters on your keyboard.

Word Wise Jetsetter Walkthrough

Word Wise Jetsetter is a unique online typing game that allows you to hone your typing skills by presenting you with challenges you have to meet before moving on to the best level. Before you begin a level, you will be presented with instructions. Follow these instructions carefully or you will fail and a very mean little bald man will yell at you. No one wants to be yelled at by a mean little bald man so make sure you pay attention.

Word Wise Jetsetter is a fun typing game whether you are just looking to kill a little time or strengthen your typing skills. The challenges are unique and can actually be quite difficult. The rhythm challenges may pose a particular problem as you need to hit the letters at the right time - not too early and not to late - and often not in the order they appear on your screen. Expect to mess up a few times in the beginning, but with a little practice you will work out a good technique. Since the rhythm challenges require you to hit the letter only when the indicator is touching it, sometimes that indicator is dancing feet, flowers or other things related to the level, you need to pay close attention to where the indicators will fall. Watch the indicators as they fall and see which ones are falling fastest and which letters they will hit. Have your fingers ready on those keys. This is the best way to beat this challenge.

Overall, Word Wise Jetsetter provides a great challenge for anyone looking for a good online typing game. The levels get increasingly harder as you progress but the game never loses its appeal.