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Word War I Instructions

Type the words that are dropped from the top of the screen.

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Word War I is more than just your typical online typing game. Although you have to type the words as they fall from the top of the screen to prevent them from reaching the ground as you do in most other games in this genre, Word War I offers a bit of a twist. It isn't simply a matter of typing in the letters, but rather guessing at that the missing letters are. If you guess the missing letter right three times in a row you get a word zap. At the end of each stage, however, things get even more challenging when you are presented with a blank bomb and need to guess the letters that are on it before it hits the ground. This addition of a hang-man sort of spin makes the game even more unique and addictive.

All in all, Word War I is a great game for everyone regardless of their experience level with typing games. Beginners will have trouble when it comes to later levels, but will enjoy working to get through them. Experienced players will have fun with the challenge the game presents and will appreciate the unique touches this game offers. Typing games, like any other online games, can be a bit monotonous if they are all the same but that can be especially true of games in this genre. How many different ways can you make typing fun? The creators of Word War I recognized that and worked to avoid being just another typing game. This one's a blast and well worth your time.