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Word Reaper Concept Instructions

Use the letter keys on your keyboard to type the words as they appear on the screen.

Word Reaper Concept Walkthrough

Word Reaper Concept is similar to many of the other typing games online, but it is a fun game none the less. Instead of offering levels that get increasingly harder as you level up, Word Reaper Concept is all one level and the game itself just gets increasingly more difficult. That is what makes this game so challenging and so much fun.

The object of this game is to defend one side of the screen from the attacking orbs. To defend your side of the screen, you need to type the words on the orbs which causes them to explode in a semi-gory puddle. You start off with three letter words that approach rather slowly. After thirty seconds, the words grow. Thirty seconds after that, the words grow again. This continues until the words are fully grown. That isn't where the increasing difficulty ends though. After the words are as long as they are going to get, the speed steadily increases every thirty seconds. Eventually, you won't be able to keep up. When your game ends, you will see how many words you reaped per minute. The challenge then before you is to play again and try to beat that score.

Overall, Word Reaper Concept doesn't really break any new ground, but it's an entertaining game that keeps you on your toes from the beginning to the end. When your game ands and you see your count, you will want to try again to get a better score. The increasing difficult ensures a challenge for any fan of typing games regardless of how much or how little experience they have with the genre. This is definitely a game everyone should check out at least once.