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Word Invaders Instructions

Type the words that appear on your screen using the letter keys on your keyboard. Hit 'Space' to begin game or start new levels. Use 'F1', 'F2' and 'F3' keys to activate power ups when they are available. Hold shift to capitalize letters when necessary.

Word Invaders Walkthrough

Word Invaders is a fun, engrossing and addictive online typing game. The result is a challenging game you'll find yourself playing again and again. The premise is the same as Space Invaders - protect your city at the bottom of your screen from the enemies attacking from the top of your screen. In this case, the enemies are words of varying size and to take them out, you have to type the word. Simple premise for a difficult game.

The real challenge of Word Invaders isn't typing the words. Veteran typing game players will have little trouble accomplishing that. The challenge is in the words you have to type and the fact that some of the words begin with a capital letter. Most online typing games don't have capitalized letters so this might be something even the experience gamer has trouble with. Add to that the fact that you have falling letters to deal with and missing letters you need to fill in and you have a very difficult game. The game never becomes so difficult you don't want to play but rather offers enough of a challenge that you don't want to give up.

The great thing about Word Invaders is that it recognizes it is a hard game and offers power ups to make it easier. The power ups offer a little advantage in your favor, but use them sparingly as they won't always be there. You'll know when there is a power up available by looking at the top right hand side of your game screen. If you see a large capital 'P' you have a 'Pause' power up available. A large capital 'r' means you have a 'Reveal' power up available. A large capital 'E' means you have an 'Explode' power up available. Each one of these offers its own benefits.

The 'Pause' power up allows you to pause all of the words on the screen for five seconds so you have a chance to catch up. Activate your 'Pause' power up by pressing the 'F1' key. The 'Reveal' power up allows you to reveal all the hidden letters on the screen so you can type them in. Use it by pressing the 'F2' key. The 'Explode' power up gets rid of all the words on the screen. Use it by pressing the 'F3' key. Explode is best used when pausing or revealing the hidden letters won't help at all and you need to clear the screen. Pause is good when you have a few too many words on the screen and need a moment to clear some of them out. Reveal is great if you just can't figure out what the hidden letters could be.