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Word Frenzy Instructions

Word Frenzy is controlled by using the keyboard. Type the words that appear in the center of the screen using the keyboard.

Word Frenzy Walkthrough

Word Frenzy is a straightforward typing game designed for school-aged children. This typing game features colorful graphics, catchy music, and a simple premise.

Word Frenzy allows you to choose between two characters: a monster or a cute bunny rabbit. If you are playing as the monster, your goal is to catch the rabbit and eat him; if you are playing as the rabbit, your objective is to escape the monster. Regardless of the character that you choose, your speed is controlled by typing the words that appear in the center of the screen. The faster that you type, the faster your character will move.

Word Frenzy starts out easy with three-letter words, but both the length of words and speed of your opponent increase as your progress. Some proper nouns are present in this typing game, but you do not need to press the shift for capitalization; simply typing the letters will suffice. Correctly typing words with few errors rewards extra points at the end of each level, but errors will not cause your character to slow down (although you will gain speed faster by not making mistakes). The game ends when you fail to catch the bunny (as the monster) or you are eaten (when playing as the bunny).

The concept of Word Frenzy and its colorful graphics make it a perfect tool for teachers to use in classrooms to help elementary school students practice their keyboarding. This typing game makes keyboard practice time fun time without woo many distractions or drifting away from its purpose as an educational asset. There is no gore in this game (although the monster does eat the bunny), so there is no need to worry about overexposing young students to violence.

In this high-tech society, proper keyboarding skills are necessary to excel in the workplace. Word frenzy is a useful tool since students can be winners at this typing game, then use the typing skills that they hone becoming winners in higher education and in the workplace!