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Typo Instructions

Follow onscreen instructions and use letter keys on your keyboard to type words or letters as instructed.

Typo Walkthrough

Typo is a three stage typing game which doubles as a test of your typing skills. Do you have what it takes to get an 'A'? With this fast paces, skill testing typing game, that's a little harder than you might think.

Typo requires you to type quickly, accurately and avoid making mistakes. The first level is fairly simple. You are shown a picture and asked to type what that picture is. There are some that are a little difficult but generally, this stage is pretty easy to pass. The test here is focusing on speed. You can backspace in the first stage if you make a mistake which is something you can't do in the two levels that follow. Keep that in mind.

The second stage in Typo is a fairly standard typing game. Letters fall from the top of the game screen and you have to hit the corresponding letter key on your keyboard to make them disappear before they hit the ground. There are no levels of difficulty to choose here. The faster you type, the faster the letters fall. You get points for every letter you successfully get. If you miss three letters, this stage of the game is over. It's best to start out slow and try to keep a steady pace. This allows you more time to build points. Keep in mind, every incorrect letter you press on your keyboard counts against your final score.

The last stage in Typo is absolutely unforgiving. If you make a mistake and submit it, you will instantly lose the level and get no points at all. If you try to correct a mistake by using backspace, your will also lose the level and finish with no points for that stage. The key? Type carefully. Although you may want to hurry, it is a better idea to find a good rhythm and stick with it. You are much less likely to make mistakes that way. The results of all three stages are combines to get your final grade. You definitely don't want a zero for the final level although it's very hard to avoid.

Typo is an addictive online typing game simply because you want to better your score. If you get an 'F' the first time, you want to play again to try to do better. It isn't easy to do, but it is definitely fun.