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Typix Instructions

Use the letter keys on your keyboard to type letters that appear on the game screen. Press 'F1' to restart a stage. Press 'esc' to exit a stage.

Typix Walkthrough

Typix is sort of live several different typing games in one, offering fans of the typing game genre just about everything they could ask for in a game. This one avoids the common trapping many of the other typing games online fall victim to. It doesn't get boring after the first few plays because each new stage brings you something new and different, culminating in the terrific Olympic mode that gives you the chance to play all of the different types of games in one marathon session where you'll attempt to do as good as you can to get the highest score you can get. It isn't an overly difficult typing game but it will test your skills and keep you entertained which is what makes it so appealing.

There are four regular stages in Typix. Finish all four regular stages with a decent score and you'll unlock Olympic mode. Each regular stage focuses on one type of typing game. Stage one focuses on the alphabet. Your goal is simply to type the alphabet as quickly and accurately as possible. Stage two offers up a sequence of random letters that appear on the screen on at a time. You have to type the letter as quickly as you can but you need to be careful. Miss a letter and you'll have to start again which will cost you one of the three lives you have to complete this stage. The stage ends when you lose all three lives. Your goal is to type as many letters as possible before you run out of lives or before the timer runs out. In stage three, you have a queue of letters waiting for you and you need to type as many of those letters as possible in just thirty seconds. Once again, accuracy is important. Each mistake you make will cost you points. Finally, stage four is served up in a plate shooting style game except the plates are letters and you shoot them by typing the correct letter. In this one, as in stage two, you only have three lives to score as many points as possible. Each mistake will cost you a life.

Olympic mode in Typix is really where this particular typing game is most interesting. You are challenged to complete all four stages in one continuous game. The stages are still separate and presented in numerical order (the alphabet stage, or stage one, is still first followed by the reflex stage, or stage two and so on) but your scores for each of the individual stages are combined at the completion of stage four to give you your overall Olympic score. This isn't something many of the other typing games online. You may be challenged to do different things but rarely are all of those different elements put together the way they are in this game. While the individual stages are fun and definitely entertaining, the game really shines in Olympic mode. It isn't really a long game allowing you to play again and again to try to improve your score.

There is more to Typix than just the different stages you can play. There are also several achievements you can go after. Experienced typing game players are absolutely going to love the achievements if they're looking for more than just typing out of their typing games. The achievements can be fairly difficult to unlock which is really what makes them so appealing for those experienced players looking for a real challenge. While trying to beat your own score is fun, the added challenge of trying to get all of the achievements adds a whole new level of enjoyment to an already enjoyable game. Newcomers to online typing games are definitely going to struggle with the achievements so it may be best to leave those to the more experienced players until you've built up your skills. Luckily, with this game, typing skills can develop rather quickly, especially once you find a technique for playing that works well for you.

The key to doing well in Typix can change slightly from stage to stage but the overall themed is quick, accurate typing. You don't have to be a master typist to do well in this game but basic typing skills definitely help. In stage one, try to imagine where your fingers are going to be going next instead of just where they need to be at any given time. While you're tying 'A' be thinking ahead to 'B', 'C' and 'D'. Find a good, solid rhythm you can stick to - not something too fast but not something to slow. Typing with a rhythm helps you stay focus and helps to keep you controlled. Rushing through this game is going to cause mistakes and hurt your score in the end, regardless of what stage you're on.

Overall, Typix is the kind of typing game fans of the genre are going to fall in love with. My only complaint about this one is that the 'U' and the 'V' look fairly similar due to the font type used and in an intense game, that can be a problem. With that said, it only takes a mistake or two to really learn the tell the difference between the two. If you aren't sure, take a moment to think about it. It will only slow you down for those two letters and taking a moment to make sure you're first thought was right is much better than making a mistake which will cost you dearly regardless of the stage you're playing. Whether you are a fan of typing games or just a casual player looking to improve your typing skills, this is definitely a game you need to check out.