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Rating: 3.86/5 stars (196 ratings)

Typing Tone Instructions

Press the letters on your keyboard that correspond with the letters that appear on the game screen.

Typing Tone Walkthrough

Typing Tone is a great online typing game that provides a great challenge and helps you improve your typing at the same time. You can choose from three levels of difficulty, easy, normal and hard, so this game really offers something for everyone looking for a difficult typing game that will keep them on their toes. No matter what difficulty setting you choose, each level sees the letters appearing on your screen faster and faster providing a great challenge while also helping you learn to type.

Even on its easiest setting, Typing Tone can be quite challenging in later levels. Someone who is new to typing games will want to start out on the 'easy' difficulty setting. Even if you have fast typing fingers, the odd combinations of letters will likely be difficult for you to get the hang of at first. Quickly typing common words and phrases is almost habit; learned from typing those words and phrases on a regular basis. Knowing where the keys are and hitting them in random combinations can be a bit more tricky. Start on easy for a few levels. If the game just feels too easy, up the difficulty level. You'll definitely notice a difference.

The great thing about Typing Tone is that it allows you to get familiar with where the keys are on your keyboard without being so difficult you won't have fun. The premise is cute and unique and the graphics are especially good for this type of game. All in all, this is a great little online typing game that is surprisingly addictive and will keep you playing level after level.