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Typing Speed Test Instructions

When it comes to control schemes, typing games have the most straightforward schemes of all. Why, you only need to use your keyboard to enjoy and have fun. Oh! Of course, let's not forget...those fingers, they better be fast and steady if you want to get far. And that's especially true if the name of the game you are playing is Typing Speed Test. Let's take a look...

Typing Speed Test Walkthrough

Typing games are uncomplicated. There's nothing fancy or jaw dropping about them. The instructions for Typing Speed Test? It's pretty simple: type the following block of text as quickly and as accurately as possible. I told you authors of typing games are very straightforward. HOWEVER, that is NOT to say they are boring. Once you start playing typing games, it's easy to find yourself spending hours and hours on it. Especially if you are playing Typing Speed Test!

Once you click the Start Button, you will be taken to a screen, which looks like a torn off sheet of paper with a block of text. On the top most section of the screen, you will see how much progress you have made (or lack thereof): (1) You will see the time you have taken measured in minutes (2) your Words Per Minute count and (3) your accuracy measured in percentage.

As for time limits, you don't have to worry about them. There are none in this game. HOWEVER, if you want to score high and make it to the top of the leader board for extra bragging rights, you better be fast. BUT never ever sacrifice accuracy for speed. That's not going to cut it. Once you have made an error, not only will your accuracy percentage drop. You also need to figure out where you need to continue, which takes time. Or, you can continue typing and see red marks (READ: mistakes) all over the virtual paper.

My first try on Typing Speed test was at 46 words per minute (above average and impressive, huh?) at an accuracy rate of 82 percent (now that wasn't so impressive at all, heh?). Even more disappointing is the fact that it took me more than 3 minutes (196 seconds to be exact) to get the whole thing done. My first few sentences are at 100 percent accuracy. BUT when things got a little out of control, it snowballed.

Anyway, so much for my disappointing performance. This is one of those typing games whose selection of passages to type are very interesting and challenging. You get to type about the classic story about the Ant and the Grasshopper. Sometimes, you will type about something you have never heard before. Bottom line: it's randomized quite well so you can get an accurate test of your typing speed and skills.

The only minor issue I have is with the way the block of text or passage is presented. It looks a little cluttered. For someone who needs to wear eyeglasses (points to self), you will be handicapped a bit. Maybe it's some plot to make the game even more challenging? Perhaps.

Summing things up, Typing Speed Test is one of those typing games that are suitable for everyone. Whether you are a kid who needs to hone his typing skills to keep up with the computer lessons at school, or a grown up who has realized his typing speed sucks, this game will be of great help.