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Typing Jim Instructions

Press 'space' to start a the game. Press the number keys on your keyboard that correspond with the number on the game screen.

Typing Jim Walkthrough

Typing Jim is an excellent number based typing game that will offer a challenge to even experienced typing game fans. Most typing games focus solely on the letters while this one puts all of its focus on the numbers which is what makes it so challenging.

It can be hard to an experienced fan of typing games to find something challenging. One of the sure fire ways to up the difficulty level is to throw something at these players that they aren't used to dealing with and that's exactly what Typing Jim does. The best part about that is that the game is actually a lot of fun and will keep your interest from beginning to end.

Newcomers to the typing game genre might have a bit of trouble with Typing Jim, but nothing helps a person get better than practice, right? This game is fun so you keep wanting to play and in time you improve. The more you play the game the better you get so newcomers, don't be discouraged. You'll get the hang of it in time.

Although the clock ticking away at the top left hand of the screen can be intimidating, pay no attention to it. Although you will run out of time and lose the game if you don't type fast enough, you will also lose the game if you hit the wrong number. That time doesn't pass as quickly as you think. Don't rush yourself until later levels when you absolutely have to. If you finish with only a few seconds to spare, at least you finished at all.