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Typing Game Collection Instructions

Typing Game Collection is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the keyboard to type words or letters. Specific instructions are given in each game.

Typing Game Collection Walkthrough

Typing Game Collection is a typing game that is designed to help students learn and practice typing. Typing Game Collection features three minigames, twenty-one typing lessons, and a lesson builder, allowing teachers to create customized lessons for students!

Typing Game Collection features three games: Protect the City, Animal Hunt, and Defend Your Country. Each of the minigames involve typing words or letters that appear on the screen to accomplish your goals. Specific instructions are given at the start and during the course of each game. All of these typing games are appropriate for children, but Animal Hunt has a dark sense of humor that some educators or parents may find too morbid for younger audiences.

Unlike other Flash typing games, Typing Game Collection contains typing tutorials to help students learn where to place their fingers on the keyboard. The twenty-one lessons (including the "final exam") serve as drills to help students improve their typing speed. There is also a keyboard overview that helps students to learn where to place their fingers on the keyboard and which fingers to use to make keystrokes. On the keyboard overview screen, use the mouse to click keys on the virtual keyboard. The finger that is used to make the keystroke will be highlighted.

This typing game also allows teachers and students to create custom lessons. To use the lesson builder, click the button labeled "Customized Lesson" on the main menu. Input the letters that you wish to practice, then click the start lesson button to begin. Since lessons cannot be saved or shared amongst numerous players, it is best for educators dealing with small groups of students or students themselves to tailor lessons; the system would be inefficient for teachers to use in a large classroom setting.

Typing Game Collection is an excellent tool for educators to help make learning fun. This typing game is simple enough for most players to understand and contains enough content to be used as a standalone educational tool or a lesson supplement.