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Type Type Revolution - as with most typing games out there, it's your keyboard and your fingers that would make a difference between a chart topping score and an abysmal one. Use your mouse to find your way through the options. After that, just use your keyboard to type in the words that pop. Nothing that's brain twisting or boggling really. Onto the game!

Type Type Revolution Walkthrough

Dance Dance Revolution - ah, those days. Who could forget them? Thanks to this game, my mom and dad decided to buy me a PlayStation and a dance pad. Apparently, they would get more hooked into the game than I would. And you really can't blame them. The thrill of getting the steps right (they are just arrows actually). Executing jaw dropping combos and scoring as high as possible...and all of these are done with an upbeat and fast paced music!

Paranoia (especially at hard level), Boys Boys, Boom Boom Dollar (now this one's a little slow) - these are just some of the hit songs or tracks in the classic Dance Dance Revolution. Boys Boys was my personal favorite. Anyway, enough of the reminiscing. So what does Dance Dance Revolution have to do with Type Type Revolution?

Well, you guessed it - it's basically the same except that your fingers would do the dancing instead. And yes, it's one of those typing games that can get really fast paced and twist your fingers! The mechanics are very identical to Dance Dance Revolution: the block of letters would move from top to bottom and you need to time your presses...making sure that the letter is perfectly in line with the bar on top for a Perfect score.

Instead of using a dance pad where you only need to step on 4 pads - left, up, right, and down, in Type Type Revolution, you need to use your keyboard and the letter keys especially. That's a lot if you'd ask me compared to Dance Dance Revolution's 4.

Visual and audio - they are good BUT not great. Don't expect top notch sound quality. As for the visual background, saying that it's lousy is an understatement. HOWEVER, it's really nice that someone has thought of giving typing games a nice twist and one that can easily stand out...if the player has played Dance Dance Revolution maybe? Anyway, you are practicing your typing skills here to audio and visual appeal are just side notes. If they are around, then good. But if not, no biggie at all.

Just like in the PlayStation game mentioned, you get a selection of songs. There are ten of them to be specific. (1) A Fast Trance (2) Synth Slam (3) Sub Remix (4) Tetris On Speed (5) ParagonX9 - Defection (6) Freon (7) Power Cookies (8) Goblin Attack (9) Mazidon's Fury and (10) Techno Attack. The songs by the way have been created by a certain ParagonX9 (well, most of them). Final Fantasy-esque, as some of the Youtubers described it. Well, bottom line, while it's NOT great, it should still be good enough to keep you upbeat...especially if you are a gamer.

With 3 levels of difficulty, Easy, Medium, and Hard, this is, without a doubt, one of the typing games out there that will surely have you glued and on your seats for the hours to come.