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Rating: 3.91/5 stars (206 ratings)

Type & Relax Instructions

Press the letter keys on your keyboard that correspond with the letters that appear on the screen.

Type & Relax Walkthrough

Type & Relax is a great online typing game for someone looking for something a little less stressful and intense than more traditional typing games. The basic goal is just to relax and hit the letters on your keyboard as they appear on your screen. If you miss, well, it's really no big deal. Just keep playing. Combo shots will give you more points so you can try for a high score, but the real goal here is to just enjoy the game for what it is - a nice way to relax and press some buttons for a while.

Experienced typing game fans looking for a challenge will find this game mind-numbingly boring. You don't fail if you miss letters. You don't lose points so there is no real level of difficulty here. That isn't the point of the game though. It's called 'Type & Relax' not 'Type and Stress Out Over a High Score'. That isn't to say experienced games won't like this one. It just means you should look elsewhere if you want a challenge.

Type & Relax is a refreshing change from the typical high stress, high intensity options out there for typing games. Even experienced players will enjoy just having a little time to sit back and enjoy the more laid back tone of the game. Beginners will also enjoy that tone as newcomers to this genre typically find traditional typing games too difficult to play. This is a game that will allow beginners to hone their typing skills so they can move on to more complex games.

Overall, Type & Relax isn't the best typing game online, but it is interesting and it is definitely worth playing at least once. Sit back, enjoy the music, type and relax.