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Rating: 3.74/5 stars (188 ratings)

Type & Groove Instructions

Use the letter keys on your keyboard to clear that letter off of the game screen.

Type & Groove Walkthrough

Type & Groove is a basic typing game but the graphics are fun enough that the game is still entertaining. This might not be a game you will get addicted to and be clamoring to play again and again, but it will be a game you find yourself returning to when you want to kill a little time.

Basically the goal of Type & Groove is to blow up as many of the letters that appeal on the screen as you can by hitting that letter on your keyboard. It's a pretty tricky endeavor but with a little time and practice you should be able to get the hang of it. Those new to typing games may feel a little overwhelmed in the beginning because of the volume of letters on the screen so it may be better to start with something a little simpler.

Overall, Type & Groove isn't the worst typing game online, but it is far from the best. Advanced player will likely find it too simplistic and too easy while beginners will find it too difficult. It is a good game to play to kill a little time with and it is entertaining, but if you are looking for something you'll get hooked on that will keep your attention, you may want to look elsewhere.