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Trash Typer Instructions

Type words using the letter keys on your keyboard. Submit word by hitting the 'enter' key. Use a bomb (when available) by hitting 'space'.

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Trash Typer is a surprisingly addictive and entertaining typing game that will not only help you learn to type but will make sure you have lots of fun in the process. The graphics are colorful and entertaining and the premise is incredible simple and easy to understand making it the perfect game for kids while the challenging nature of the game makes it perfect for adults. If you want to do well in this particular typing game, you need to have at least basic typing skills. If you lack those skills, don't worry. The game will help you build them. You'll get lots of practice with this one. You'll also have a blast while you do it.

The goal of Trash Typer isn't really that uncommon in the world of online typing games. You are in a little ship under water and you want to keep the ocean clean. Pieces of trash are falling from the surface and each piece is marked with a work. All you need to do is type the word on the piece of trash to destroy it and keep your habitat nice and tidy. The game starts off in easy mode but as you play, the blue bar at the bottom left side of the game screen fills. Once the bar is filled entirely, you'll be advanced to the next difficulty level until you've reached 'expert'. Things do get fairly difficult and intense with this typing game but that's really what makes it so appealing and is also what helps you learn. You'll have to push yourself to improve if you want to finish the game with a decent score.

Unlike many of the other typing games online, the backspace key is not disabled in Trash Typer, allowing you to correct any mistakes you make without having to erase the word entirely. This is a huge benefit for experienced typers who find it difficult to not automatically correct mistakes. Old habits die hard after all. In addition, the ability to use the backspace key makes this game a more useful teaching tool as the backspace key is something you'll use on a fairly regular basis in real world typing so knowing where it is without having to look at the keyboard is definitely helpful in real world situations.

You start out with three lives in Trash Typer. Your lives are marked by hearts at the bottom left of the game screen. If you fail to correctly type and submit a word before it hits the bottom, you will lose one of those lives. If you lose all of your lives, your game is over. There are three different bonuses that you can collect over the course of your game however that will help you hold on to those lives a little bit longer. Bonuses appear on fish that swim from one side of the screen to the other. They move fairly slowly allowing you a little extra time to collect them. To collect a bonus, all you have to do is type the word shown on the fish. All of the bonuses are valuable and can certainly help you keep your game going.

The three types of bonuses you'll see in Trash Typer are pretty self explanatory; the bomb bonus gives you a bomb, the speed down bonuses slows down the speed of the falling words and the life up bonus gives you a bonus life. Bombs can be used to clear all of the words on the screen which definitely comes in handy if you're getting overwhelmed. Use your bombs wisely though. Bomb bonuses don't show up very often so if you use your bomb, it could be a while until you get another one. Keep that in mind. Save your bombs for when you absolutely need them. If you finish your game and haven't used it, it's really not a big deal. The life and speed bonuses are obviously very helpful but be careful when you're going for them. If you're going to have to sacrifice a life to get one, it might not be worth it.

If you want to do well in Trash Typer there are a few things you really need to focus on. First and foremost, make sure you know what word you're trying to type. Some of the other typing games online ask you to type random letters but this one offers actual words most people use on a daily basis. This not only helps you learn how to type but it offers you an advantage. Typing words you've likely typed before it a lot easier than typing gibberish - assuming, of course, you are trying to type the right word. 'Supper' can easily be mistaken for 'super', 'desert' can easily be confused for 'dessert' or the one that always trips me up, 'county' can easily be confused for 'country'. Make sure you're trying to type the right one. In addition, keep an eye on your lives. If you're really struggling with a word there are likely other words appearing on the screen. If you have a few lives to play with, it's okay to let the word you're struggling with go, lose the life and focus on the other words on the screen before you get too overwhelmed and either end up losing multiple lives or all of your lives.

Overall, Trash Typer is an incredibly addictive typing game that will help you learn as you have fun. The graphics are entertaining and the game is actually fairly difficult. Experienced typers are going to have an easier time with this one than those with little typing experience but even newcomers to online typing games will be able to improve their skills enough to do well if they're willing to be patient. Having decent spelling skills is an asset but it isn't necessary as the display is easy to read and the words are clearly written on the trash and on the fish. This is, by far, one of the most entertaining typing games online that will teach you how to type while also teaching you that learning can actually be fun. Perfect for adults and kids, Trash Typer is a must play game for anyone looking to improve their typing skills or anyone who is just a fan of the typing games genre.