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The Typing of the Ghosts Instructions

The controls of The Typing Of The Ghosts is, well...fairly obvious! All you need to have is a keyboard that's good to go and you should be well on your way to obliterating those ghosts before they get your hands at you. Without further adieu, let's take a closer look at the game...

The Typing of the Ghosts Walkthrough

QWERTY Warriors and QWERTY Warriors 2 - I don't know but there's something about typing games with shooting games mixed in it. I love to type (after all, I'm a freelance article writer) and I love to shoot. Maybe that explains it. And I think it's just natural.

Typing on its own is NOT the most exciting thing to do in the world. It makes perfect sense to add some elements that inject a little bit of action and maybe violence to it. Anyway, if that's your cup of tea, The Typing of the Ghosts is a game that would appeal to you. It's a combination of Left For Dead and typing games. The objective is very straightforward: the ghosts are coming at you and you need to destroy them.

How? Instead of aiming and shooting your mouse and its left click button, what you need to do is type the words on them. And you better be fast at it. If you fail to type the word before the ghosts reach you, a life will be deducted. The first levels are very easy to deal with. It seems like the ghosts are just strolling and they are not really after you...taking their sweet time giving you enough margin to key in that word and take them out.

HOWEVER, as you proceed to the later parts of the game, things get harder and harder as the ghosts start to move quicker and quicker. Maybe they have realized that that's their purpose in their typing game? Anyway, there's no other way around it but to type faster and faster...and hope for the best.

Graphics wise, nah you just can't compare it to Left For Dead and it's OK. It's supposed to be a typing game after all, not a first person shooter. The ghosts look like...well, ghosts that are drawn by a toddler. They look more like white smoke. That's just me being nit-picky.

Bottom line, if you are looking for typing games that are challenging enough to keep your wits and typing skill sharp, those that are fast paced and exciting, this is a game you should check out.