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The Key Master Instructions

The Key Master is controlled by using the keyboard. Type in the names above monsters to defeat them and the names above items to collect them. Press enter to input what you type.

The Key Master Walkthrough

The Key Master is a typing game that puts you in the role of a wizard. This typing game features simple controls, great graphics, and four difficulty levels.

The objective of The Key Master is to collect the ten keys while defending your character against monsters. Monsters will approach from all sides; to defeat them, you must type the word that appears above their heads. As you progress in this typing game, more powerful enemies with longer words will appear. If enemies attack your wizard, his health will diminish. If you lose all of your health, you will lose the game. The game ends when you meet defeat or manage to collect all ten keys.

The Key Master is controlled by the keyboard. Type the words above enemies to attack them. To collect items, such as keys or potions, type the name of the object as it appears on the screen. Potions and spells remain on the screen, so it may be a good idea to wait until you need them before typing their names. After typing words, you must press enter to input them. Make sure that your cursor is inside of the text box or your typing will be in vain!

The Key Master is an excellent typing game to help elementary school children practice their typing skills. Although there is some animated fantasy violence, there is no gore so it is appropriate for younger players. Very young children may find the game to be difficult, but they can choose to play on the easier difficulty levels such as Apprentice or Dabbler. Older students may be able to formulate strategies for defeating opponents such as attacking ranged enemies or enemies that are closer first and may prefer the challenges of the Master and Grandmaster difficulty levels.

The Key Master is an excellent blend of defense game and typing game that makes typing practice enchanting. Become a master keyboarder by practicing your typing skills in The Key Master!