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TerminaCore Instructions

Use the letter keys on your keyboard to type the words and letter combinations on the screen. If you make a mistake, hit 'backspace' to clear single letters or hit 'space' to clear all of the letters you've entered. Activate special attacks (when available) by hitting 'enter' and typing the word for the special.

TerminaCore Walkthrough

Anyone who has ever struggled with malware knows that it's a serious pain in the butt. TerminaCore took the frustration so common among regular internet users and built an excellent and entertaining typing game around it. The game begins by offering a little back story, explaining the world's networks have been attacked and the supercomputer in charge of defending those networks, the VR-100000, attempted to do its job but failed. In attempt to prevent catastrophe, the VR-100000 switched to virtual mode. This is where you come in. The computer needs your help. You need to stop the attacks and do your best to keep the core intact. It won't be easy but that's what makes it so much fun.

As far as online typing games go, TerminaCore is actually pretty simple in its execution. There are no upgrades to worry about and your only level goal is to make it through to the end with the core intact. There aren't a lot of bonuses to collect although there are several different types of enemies. Those different types of enemies really help keep the game interesting. It can be boring or monotonous to be squaring off against the same types of enemies over and over again and this game avoids that common typing game problem. While the game itself isn't really all that complex, it is actually fairly difficult to do well. Experienced typing game players are going to have an easier time with this one than those with less experience simply because they'll be a little more familiar with games that don't ask you to type common every day words. In truth, most of the words and letter combinations you'll be typing in this one aren't words the every day player will come across on a regular basis and that's really what makes this one so tricky.

To make things a little easier, TerminaCore offers special attacks you can use to improve your performance in the game. Special attacks are important in this game but you should be careful with how you use them. They can be of great benefit but they can also easily be wasted. You are able to use a special attack when you have at least one special bar full (shown at the top right corner of the game screen). You'll need to type the activation code to use the attack but the code is usually pretty easy for those who have even a little bit of typing experience. The important thing to remember though is that you don't have to use a special attack as soon as it becomes available. Instead, save those attacks for when you really need them. Things can get pretty intense in this game, especially in later levels. There are times when passing a level seems unlikely without the help of a special attack. You want to make sure you have one available should you find yourself in that position.

Accuracy is important in TerminaCore as it is in most online typing game. While you may not necessarily feel the effects of mistakes right away, they are definitely there. Making mistakes costs you time and in this game, particularly the later more difficult levels, time isn't something you have to waste. Enemies attack in greater numbers and approach much more quickly sometimes enemies disappear and reappear as the approach the core. You need to be quick to prevent damage to your core. Making mistakes and having to take time to correct those mistakes will give your enemies a chance to advance and once your enemies are swarming your core, it can be extremely difficult to fight them off. Speed and accuracy becomes even more important if you don't have any specials remaining to help you out.

Overall, TerminaCore is an addictive and engrossing typing game that will put your typing skills to the test and will constantly challenge you to improve. While it seems basic and simple don't be fooled. It's actually a fairly difficult game. Newcomers to the online typing game genre are going to struggle with this one but even newcomers can gain the typing skills they need to beat this game with practice, persistence and most importantly, patience. More experienced players are going to have an easier time with this one in the beginning but once things start picking up, they'll be able to get the challenge they're looking for. This is an excellent typing game any fan of the genre absolutely needs to play.