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Sunrise Typer Instructions

Use the letter keys on your keyboard to type the words on the screen.

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Sunrise Typer is everything a good typing game should be. The premise is simple, type the sentences on the screen quickly and without making mistakes to earn points and make the sunrise. If you run out of words to type before the sun has risen, your game is over. It's a lot harder than it sounds.

Each time you make a mistake in Sunrise Typer, you lose points and the sun sinks. To get the sun to rise you need to be quick but you also need to be accurate. The better you do, the shorter the level. Each point you get makes the sun rise higher. When the sun is fully risen, you're on to the next level. There are only ten levels, but beating the game takes patience and repeated attempts. There are few online typing games available that can better teach you how to time and help you improve your speed and accuracy. Give this game time and allow yourself to practice with it and eventually you'll be typing like a pro.

The best thing about Sunrise Typer is that it isn't completely mindless like many of the other typing games online, but it's still a lot of fun. It's a challenging game that will be perfect for someone who wants to learn and isn't afraid of a little challenge, or for the experienced typing game fan that wants something a little more interesting and a little harder than the other games available. The information you type is actually interesting and you'll find yourself learning more than just how to type.

Sunrise Typer is an excellent typing game anyone interested in the genre should try at least once. If you're just looking for a mindless way to kill some time, it might be better to look else where, but when you're ready to learn something and put yourself to the test, come back to this one.