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QWERTY Warriors 2 Instructions

Controls? Do we really need this section for typing games? Anyway, for playing QWERTY Warriors 2, the control scheme is simple: use your keyboard. Type the words you see to take down incoming enemies and score as high as you can. With that taken care of, let's check out the game...

QWERTY Warriors 2 Walkthrough

If you are a huge fan of shooting and typing games, if you loved QWERTY Warriors and you are looking for more, then you are in for a treat: QWERTY Warriors 2 is here and it's here to stay. Created by Sean Mcgee, the original game of the same name has been a HUGE hit both for lovers of shooting games and typing games. The sequel is back with everything that we loved from the first part and MORE!

For those who haven't played QWERTY Warriors (who may be living under a rock?), the objective of the game is easy to pick up: eliminate everything in sight. YES, you are a one-man army in this game. Shoot incoming enemies by typing the words under them. The more enemies you take out, the higher you score.

Initially, enemy units carry only simple 3 letter words with them. Pig, mag, elf - these are just some of the examples I can think of. Anyway, you get the idea, they are piece of cake. BUT wait until you get into the later parts of the game where you will deal with enemies carrying 5 to 6 letter words. I won't be surprised if you end up twisting or cramping your fingers.

Just like in the first installment, don't let these guys get too close. Do that and they will give your life bar a whacking. Initially, it's at 100 and you better keep it up especially in the later stages where they will swarm you. Once it drops down to zero, GAME OVER! And you have to start again.

BUT don't worry. The good old power ups - detonate and fullhealth are back too! And they have brought some buddies along. More power ups means greater lasting power. Collect power ups to restore your health. There are items that increase your multiplier. The tried and tested "detonate" gets rid of everyone in sight (except you of course). And there are power ups with temporary lasting effects too! Just keep an eye on the lower left of the screen to see how much time the power up still has.

More Niceties: Another fine addition to the game is the addition of extra modes and level of difficulties. The Easy, Normal, and Hard modes are still there BUT they are joined by Very Hard and Psychotic mode. If you are ready to go nuts banging on your keyboard and fighting for survival, the last two levels will give you exactly what you want.

Also, in QWERTY Warriors 2, you get the chance to score higher thanks to the score multiplier. When you get words correctly and successively, you can gain up to 10 times score multiplier. And last BUT not the least, you can now create your custom words! Do you have some tongue and finger twisting words in your vocabulary that you want to see included in the game? No problem! At the low right corner of the screen, you will find an option to add custom words (15 words is the minimum though).

Without a doubt, QWERTY Warriors 2 is easily one of the most exciting and action packed action and typing games you can lay your hands on!