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QWERTY Warriors Instructions

For typing games, like QWERTY Warriors, just having a keyboard that's good to go should cut it. Click Start, type in the words you see, and you are good to go. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated as far as controls go. BUT don't make the mistake of thinking that this is one of your average typing games because it isn't!

QWERTY Warriors Walkthrough

Shooting games are action packed and exciting. Typing games keep your typing skills sharp and let's you kill time while being productive (at least when typing skills are being discussed). What happens when you combine both? Simple, you get action packed typing games that injects you with pure doses of fun while keeping your typing speed and accuracy in tip top shape.

The good news: QWERTY Warriors is one of those games! The objective of the game is very straightforward and easy to pick up. Survive as long as you can by shooting enemies before they get too close. BUT no, you are not going to use your mouse. Instead, you have to type the words written underneath those hooligans and press enter to fire.

For example: let's say a soldier is approaching you with the words "eye" under it. Type the words in - key in e-y-e, hit enter, and your character fires right away and takes the soldier down. Nah, you don't have to worry about aiming, your character deals with that automatically and he deals with it very well. Just go ahead and type the words you see.

Now, the word "eye" is too simple of an example. BUT those are the words you will start with - simple 3 letter words. HOWEVER, as you move later into the game, you will encounter space crafts that are armed with 4 letter words. If that's too easy for you, you will face robots and machines with 5 to 6 letter words.

"Water", "Bishop", "Eye" - these words on their own are not really difficult to type. BUT when you add the fact that they come in waves, PLUS they fire and deal damage once they get too close, things are not as easy as they seem. Not to mention the more words an enemy unit carries, the more damage they deal once they get close. By the way, you only have 100 lives and once it drops down to zero, it's game over and you have to start from square one!

BUT worry not, there are items being dropped along the way: (1) detonate - this one looks like a landmine that obliterates everything in sight once activated (2) fullhealth - this is a first aid kit that restores your your health. You can activate these items by typing the words "detonate" and "fullhealth".

Just a reminder: save those items for crucial moments. Don't make the mistake of activating and using these items once they pop in your screen. You want to use the "fullhealth" bonus once your life drops down to 40 or so. As for the detonate, I recommend using it once you are surrounded by enemies - especially those with 5-letter words. It makes perfect sense since these bonus items don't fade over time when not used. Once they are dropped, they stay there.

Once you are surrounded and you don't have any of the above items to use, one way to maximize your chances of survival is to deal with the enemies that are nearest since they are the ones who will deal damage. Oh! And pray that they drop something. It helps.