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Ninja Hunter Instructions

Ninja Hunter is controlled by using the keyboard. Type the words above ninjas to defeat them. Tap the up arrow key when wounded to recover. Use the arrow keys and the spacebar to input sequences during boss battles. When your rage bar is full, press the 1, 2, or 3 number keys to unleash a powerful attack.

Ninja Hunter Walkthrough

Ninja Hunter is a hybrid of typing game and defense game. Ninja Hunter features sleek graphics, fluid animations, simple controls, and two modes of gameplay.

The two gameplay modes in Ninja Hunter are New Game and Survival Mode. New Game mode is the primary mode of the typing game. The objective of the game is to protect the wind temple from hostile ninjas that are attempting to raid it. To stop your enemies, you must type the words that appear above their heads. After each wave of enemies, you will deal with a boss battle where you must input the proper arrow key combinations to defeat your adversary. As the name suggests, you will be starting a new game every time you click the "New Game" option on the main menu; there is no save system in this game. Survival Mode pits you against never-ending waves of enemies and only ends when the temple's health has been completely depleted.

After each stage of Ninja Hunter, you can buy upgrades using gold earned in the previous level. I advise you to repair the temple if it was damaged so that you can stay in the game longer. You may also wish to upgrade your rage powers or hire archers to help you to defend the temple. Archers are extremely useful in later levels or when playing on the hard difficulty level of this typing game. They do not instantly kill enemies, but they do make things easier by reducing the number of letters that you must type.

Ninja Hunter is a splendid game to help children practice their typing, but there is animated violence and a little bit of blood, so adult discretion is advised. This typing game can help players to increase their typing speed due to the necessity of quickly inputting words to defeat enemies before they can reach the temple. The easier difficulty levels may be better for younger players and students new to keyboarding while more-advanced typists can hone their skills on the hard difficulty level.

Ninja Hunter is a typing game with smooth graphics and action that make typing practice fun. Ninja Hunter will give you ninja keyboard skills!