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Nature Typing Instructions

Type the words as they appear on the screen using the letter keys on your keyboard.

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Nature Typing is an awesome typing game that offers cute graphics and a real challenge if you're willing to wait for it. The beginning of the game is a litte bit easy, but the additional of several longer and less common words provides a bit of a challenge even early in the game. As the game progress though, so does the challenge. This can actually be a pretty hard game to get all of the way through.

Perhaps what provides the greatest challenge in Nature Typing is the combination of the difficult, and sometimes hyphenated words, and the fact that if you hit a wrong letter, you have to start over. While this isn't a problem with some of the smaller words the game throws at you like, 'silk', it's a bit of a different story with words like 'industrialization' or 'upside-down'. In fact, the mere presence of words like 'upside-down' makes the game more difficult as very few typing games online use hyphens at all. This is one area where beginners to the typing game genre might have an advantage over more experienced players. Experienced players will not expect to be required to type in the hyphen and will just type the letters and have to try again. Beginners will just assume the hyphen is part of the word and type it in.

The best way to progress to get anywhere in Nature Typing is to remember that bigger words fall faster so tackle those ones first. Even if there are three smaller words on the screen that appeared first, the bigger word will be more of a challenge for you to type, will fall faster and will take longer to type. Take care of the big words and then the little words. You'll get a lot further.

Overall, Nature Typing is a fun typing game that can be quite addictive if you're a fan of the genre. Beginners might have a bit of a difficult time with the game since the game starts out with big words from the beginning, but more experienced players will likely handle the first few levels easily. This is a great game, well worth checking out.