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MoonType: Episode 2 Instructions

MoonType: Episode 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. Type the names of enemies, then press enter to destroy them.

MoonType: Episode 2 Walkthrough

The aliens have returned in MoonType: Episode 2, the sequel to the typing game, MoonType, and it is up to you to stop them! MoonType: Episode 2 retains the same general gameplay of its predecessor along with three modes of gameplay and twenty new levels (forty if you count the alphabetic and numeric sets as separate levels).

Like the first MoonType, the primary gameplay mode of MoonType: Episode 2 combines the defense game genre with the typing game genre. The primary mode of gameplay is accessed by clicking "Level Select" on the main menu, then selecting the level that you want to play. All levels are available at the start of the game. Your goal is to protect the moon from the aliens by typing their names (words that appear adjacent to them). Each time an alien slips past your defenses, you will lose a life. When all lives are lost, the game is over. If you survive, you will earn stars based on your performance and be given the choice to play the next level or return to the level selection screen.

The other two modes available in MoonType: Episode 2 are Survival and Quick Race. Survival Mode is similar to the primary game mode of this typing game, but instead of completing waves, enemies will continuously spawn until you are overwhelmed. You can choose to face enemies with alphabetic names or enemies with numeric names (sorry, Enzo, alphanumeric enemies are not present in this defense game).

The final gameplay mode of MoonType: Episode 2 is Quick Race Mode. In this mode, your objective is simply to type the Latin alphabet as quickly as you can. I was able to do it in just under five seconds; think you can beat me?

MoonType: Episode 2 takes the foundation of its predecessor and improves upon it, as a good sequel should. This typing game can be used as an educational tool or enjoyed by casual gamers!