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Moon Type Instructions

Moon Type is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the keyboard to type the words above enemies and destroy them. Press the F9 key to pause the game and the F8 key to mute the game.

Moon Type Walkthrough

Moon Type is a defense game where players utilize their typing skills to defend the Moon from aliens. This typing game features sprite graphics, catchy background music, and two languages, English and French.

The goal of Moon Type is to protect the Moon from UFOs. Each time a UFO slips past your defenses, you will lose health. When all health is lost, the Moon will be destroyed and the game will end. Instead of using wildly clicking or placing turrets to defeat enemies, players will have to use their typing skills to ward off the attackers. Each enemy has a word above them. Typing in this word and pressing enter will cause a missile to be launched at the enemy to destroy them. There are no penalties for misspelled words in this typing game, but typing words incorrectly results in wasted time.

The beginning of Moon Type is simple since the enemies that you will face will be given short words. Things become more difficult as you progress in this typing game, however, as enemies will have longer words to type. It is generally best to destroy larger enemies that have longer words, especially when they begin launching missiles. Missiles can be destroyed the same way that enemies are, but it is better to prevent them from being launched altogether by destroying launcher vessels.

Due to its straightforward controls and colorful graphics, Moon Type is an excellent tool for young children to practice typing with. There is little violence and no gore, so students will not be exposed to anything inappropriate. Keep in mind that this typing game does not actually teach typing, but only serves as a practice tool. Some preliminary knowledge will necessary to reap the full benefit of playing the game.

Moon Type is a fun typing game that is a great tool for practicing typing. Whether you are an educator, parent, student, or casual gamer, Moon Type is a delightful way to enhance your (or your students') typing skills!