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Follow the onscreen instructions inside each game for game controls.

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Mini Games Ultimate is a great online game that offers a little bit of everything and is a great way to develop your skills for more complicated online games. Most of the games focus on a different skill such as mouse control, navigation with the arrow keys, navigation with the letter keys and typing skills. This is a great started game for someone who is new to online games, but will also provide a fun challenge for those that have been playing online games for years.

Quad Maze is a great way to learn control over your mouse which you may need for archery games while Comet will help you learn to use your mouse quickly yet in a controlled way which will be a great help if you are interesed in shooter or sniper games. Truck Launch teaches you how to use the arrow keys to build speed with a vehicle and allows you to adjust the ramp so you are able to get used to different types of ramps. This is great for BMX bike games. Surfer helps you get used to quick thinking when using your arrow keys which is great for stick figure games or action games in which the controls are primarily arrow key based.

Probably the best game in terms of developing skills offered in Mini Games Ultimate is Type Test. This excellent typing game helps you learn where the number keys are on your keyboard but also helps you get used to the format most online typing games use. In it, you have to press the letter on your keyboard that corresponds with the letter that appears on your screen falling from the top of the game screen. You have to get rid of all the letters before they have the chance to hit the ground. This is the typical typing game format and Typing Test is one of the more difficult typing games online. The fact that it is included in Mini Games Ultimate with six other high quality games is definitely a bonus as well.