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Letters Master Instructions

Letters Master is controlled by using the keyboard. Type the letters as they appear on the screen.

Letters Master Walkthrough

Letters Master is a simplistic game that is great for practicing typing. This typing game features straightforward controls, challenging gameplay, and minimal sound effects.

Unlike many typing games where typing words and letters cause enemies to be destroyed or a character to advance, typing letters is the end objective in Letters Master. Letters appear on the screen and you must type them before their timer ring fills. You begin the game with ten lives. Each time that you make an incorrect keystroke or allow the ring on a letter to fill completely, you will lose one life. When all lives are lost, the game will end.

As should be expected in a typing game, the keyboard is used to control Letters Master. Simply type the letters as they appear on the screen. The faster that you type each letter, the more points that you will earn. If you manage to type letters correctly and quickly enough, you will increase the combo multiplier, thus earning more points. Proper typing techniques (such as keeping your hands in the home row) are vital to success in this typing game, especially on later levels where you will have less time to input each letter.

Accuracy and speed are important in Letters Master, making it a great tool for typing practice. Since there are no aliens or zombies to defeat, educators and parents will not have to worry about their children missing the point or becoming overstimulated. Since there are few sounds employed in the game, it can be played without distracting others. The sound can also be muted completely by using the volume controls in the lower-right corner of the game's interface.

Letters Master is simple in concept and challenging in execution, making it perfect typing practice for students and gamers of all ages. This typing game is also great for a quick casual gaming break!