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Letters Instructions

Press the letter keys on your keyboard that correspond with the letters on the screen.

Letters Walkthrough

Letters is a fun online typing game that will put your typing skills to the test. The real goal of the game is to type the letters that appear on your screen as quickly as possible with many different game play options and the challenge to beat your own high score. The game is very basic, but never boring; offering options that will offer a challenge to even the most experienced typing game players.

There are two modes of play to choose from in Letters; Letter Mode and Time Mode. Each of those two modes offer an additional three options. No matter how much experience you have with typing games, this one offers something that will pose a real challenge. In Letters Mode you can choose from 20 letters, 50 letters or 100 letters. You will see the letters on the game screen with the letter you need to type appearing in black and the next letter in line in gray slightly to the right. This helps you greatly as it gives you time to prepare and helps you type the letters much more quickly. After you have gone through all of the letters, you will see your score.

In Time Mode, you are given the option of playing for 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 120 seconds. You will then be given the letters the same way you are given them in Letter Mode but instead of having to see how fast you can type a set number of letters, you are challenged to see how many letters you can type in the time you chose. When your time is up, try to beat your high score or choose another time frame. Try out all the different times and the different number of letters to get the most out of this game you can.

Overall, Letters is a challenging typing game that will keep you trying to beat your score round after round. Its the kind of game anyone can have fun with that can also help you strengthen your typing skills. This is an excellent game that is well worth playing.