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Type the letters of the alphabet to send them to the safe zone while avoiding the obstacles on the screen.

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Letter Launch is one of the rare online typing games that rewards patience and careful timing instead of simply rewarding accuracy and speed. There is no time bonus for this game so you can take as much time as you need to complete each level. That is a huge benefit in this one and as you progress in the game, it will be a benefit you'll really come to appreciate. Newcomers to online typing games might have an edge over more experienced typists in this one simply because an experienced typist is going to automatically want to type faster. This one is all about timing though. With that said, you need to have at least basic typing skills to do well in this one. While you certainly have time to look down at your keyboard to find the letters you need you also need to be able to focus on the game screen. Getting a good score in this typing game will require accuracy above all else and it is entirely possible for anyone of any experience level to get a good score on this one as long as they're patient and focused.

The premise behind Letter Launch is extremely simple, even for a typing game. You have the twenty-six letters of the alphabet along the bottom of the screen and your goal is to get all twenty-six letters to the safe zone at the top of the screen. In order to get the letters safely to their destination, you'll need to avoid the various types of obstacles on the game screen. These obstacles move around the game screen so you really need to pay attention. Each move you make needs to be planned out and timed precisely to avoid the obstacles so again, take your time. In addition to the obstacles, you'll sometimes see small circles traveling along the top of the screen right below the safe zone. They'll be marked as bonuses. You want to get those bonuses but don't rush to try to hit one. If you miss the bonus you miss it. It is only a bonus after all. It will boost your score but so will getting a clean round on your first try and the bonuses for that are every bit as good.

Each level in Letter Launch has a target number of letters you need to get to the safe zone if you want to progress to the next level. That target number is shown at the top left of the game screen beside 'goal'. To the right of your goal you'll see 'actual'. This tells you how many letters you've successfully gotten to the safe zone. Beside that, you'll see 'left' which tells you how many letters you've left to clean. If you aren't sure whether you have enough letters remaining to reach your goal, add 'left' to 'actual'. If the resulting number is less than your goal, it won't be possible to beat the level. You can start over from the beginning of the level by clicking 'retry level' at the top of the game screen. Should you decide you'd rather start over from the beginning of the game, you can click options and then 'return to main menu'. You can also choose to start over from the beginning of the level from the options screen as well. Sometimes restarting a level is the best way to go. It doesn't count as a loss so you can still try for the clean level bonuses for the end of the round.

There are three level bonuses you can go for in Letter Launch that can definitely help you get a great score at the end of the game. Bonuses aren't really all that uncommon in the world of typing games but they're handled a bit differently in this one. You aren't given a bonus based on your accuracy rating. Instead, they're handed out in a much simpler way - you get them or you don't. All three bonuses are worth 250 points and it is possible to get all three bonuses for each level but you may have to retry a few times when you get to the more complex levels later in the game. The first bonus is the 'master typer' bonus. You are only awarded this bonus if you get through the entire level without making a single typo. If you select a letter that has already been used, you'll lose that bonus. For example, if you hit 'v' but 'v' has already been launched, your mistake will cost you the master typer bonus. for that reason, you really need to watch what letters you're hitting. The second bonus is likely the hardest to get. It's the '26-letter' bonus and you only get it if you manage to get all twenty-six letters to the safe zone. If a letter hits an obstacle and fails to make it to the safe zone, you'll lose this bonus. Of course, you can still get the master typer bonus even if you fail to get the 26-letter bonus as long as you're hitting the right letters. Finally, you have the 'first try' bonus. You can only get this bonus if you reach your goal on the first try. Retries do not count. The only way you lose this bonus is if you actually lose the round without hitting retry. Keep an eye on 'goal', 'actual' and 'left' and keep the math and mind and as long as you hit retry should it become clear that it's mathematically impossible to beat the level, you should be able to get the first time bonus with a little patience.

There are three levels of difficulty in Letter Launch; normal, difficult and expert. I would recommend all players - regardless of skill or experience level - start out with normal. Normal offers a great introduction to the game and gives you the chance to really understand what is going to be asked of you in this game. This isn't your typical typing game and excellent typing skills may not be enough to help you end the game with a high score. Check out normal first to get used to the game and then move on to one of the more advanced levels. In truth, the actual levels themselves are basically the same in all three difficulty settings but in difficult, you only have twenty-six lives to play with. That means one life for every letter of the alphabet. That just might not be enough for some players to get by on. Expert takes things a step further by reducing the number of lives you have to only ten. Eventually, most players will be able to tackle that level and do well - even beat the game - but it's going to take practice.

Overall, Letter Launch is the kind of typing game fans of the genre are going to absolutely love. It's simple and to the point, leaving all the bells and whistles to the other typing games in the genre. It just doesn't need all of that. This game is addictive and engrossing because it's different and because it's challenging. If you want to do well in this game, you need to pay attention to the obstacles and try to get those level bonuses. Careful timing and planning your moves before you make them is absolutely vital. Watch the obstacle and try to predict where it will move next. That won't always work but you always have the retry button should you calculate something wrong. This is an engrossing and addictive typing game any fan of the genre needs to play.