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Controls... hmmm, well obviously, for playing Krazy Keyz, or any of the typing games around for that matter, you just need to use your keyboard. Nothing fancy or complicated. Now let's take a closer and deeper look at the game...

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Typing games - they are like potatoes. You can have them in whatever shape or size you like (well, almost). There are typing games that have tower defense and shooting game elements in them. This is perfect for those who can't seem to enjoy a game if there's not even an ounce of violence or action in it.

Then there are typing games that are more like tests. You get to precisely measure your speed, how many words per minute you dish out, your accuracy (or lack thereof), how many minutes you have spent for this number of words, and all sorts of metrics. If your typing speed and skill sucks and you need to improve, these typing games are perfect for giving a nearly exact picture of where you are at, how much progress you have made, and everything else in between.

And last BUT not the least, there are typing games that are simple. No bells and whistles. No complicated controls. None whatsoever. So what do you need to do? Just type! In most cases, these typing games won't even ask you to type a whole sentence. Others require you to type as many 6 letter words as possible within a short time frame. Some challenge you to type the words you see on the screen as fast and as accurately as you can.

Krazy Keyz is one of those typing games. Very simple and straightforward to play BUT addictive. Heck! You don't have to type full words. You 'just' need to type the whole alphabet as fast as you can. Talk about how 'easy' typing games could get. Well, actually, it's NOT that easy at all!

Unless you are someone who has taken some professional typing course back then and know the QWERTY keyboard like the back of your hand, Krazy Keyz can be quite challenging...and FUN! The key to getting on top of the score boards in this game is to have the placement of the keys MEMORIZED. No, you cannot afford looking back and forth from the monitor to the keyboard. That's a surefire way to be a bottom feeder.

On my first try, I had to keep my eyes glued on the keyboard to make sure I'm hitting the right keys. I don't know BUT somehow, I find that it's very different and MUCH harder to type letters of the alphabet in correct sequence rather than type a bunch for words! Well, keeping my eyes on the keyboard was a bad idea and landed at a little more than 10 seconds when the top scorers are at 5 seconds or so.

After a couple of tries, though, (which spanned well over an hour!) I had a decent time and score of 7.5 seconds. YES, Krazy Keyz can easily get addictive! That's especially true if you think you are a good and fast typist and this seemingly easy challenge of typing the alphabet proves you otherwise.

One of the typing games that have been cut and dried for brightening up your boring afternoons!