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Keymory Instructions

Press the letters on your keyboard to uncover the corresponding hidden symbol on the game board.

Keymory Walkthrough

Part memory game and part typing game, Keymory is one of the most unique and unusually addictive typing games online. Instead of just trying to test your typing skills, this game tests your memory as well. Basically, this game combines two popular game genres into one fun and challenging game; taking the best things about each genre and fusing them into one.

Keymory give you twenty-six lettered tiles on the game board. Below each lettered square is a symbol. When you hit the letter on your keyboard you will reveal the symbol that corresponds with that letter on the game board. You then need to remember what symbol goes with which letter so you can make matches as you uncover more symbols. When you have made all of the matches, the game is finished. This isn't nearly as simple as it sounds.

Keymory is difficult because you have to not only remember where the matching symbols are, but you need to remember what letters went with those matching symbols and type them both in to make the match. Your mouse is not involved at all as it would be in a traditional match game. You need to remember all of this information, type in the right keys and make all of the matches within five minutes or you will lose.

The best way to find, uncover and make all the matches and beat the game is to focus on the symbols. Remember where the symbols were places on the board rather than what letter the symbol went with. Then find the letter and try to type it in without looking down at your keyboard. Keep your eyes focus on the game screen to avoid being distracted. This is a challenging match game and a great twist on the average typing game.