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Keyboard Warrior, Christmas Puzzle Edition Instructions

Type the letters on the game screen using the corresponding letter keys on your keyboard.

Keyboard Warrior, Christmas Puzzle Edition Walkthrough

Keyboard Warrior - Christmas Puzzle Edition is a great online typing game that will challenge not only your typing skills but your logic and planning skills as well. You will need to clear all the letters on the board before time runs out without blocking yourself in and eliminating the rest of your moves. This is a task that gets harder and harder with each puzzle.

The great thing about Keyboard Warrior is that it challenges you on different levels and provides a challenge that few online typing games can match. You need to carefully plan each move to be sure you will be able to move on to the next letter and clear the game screen without reaching your time limit. You also need to avoid typos as you are only allowed so many mistakes depending of the difficulty of the level. Running out of time, hitting the wrong letter key or running out of moves will all cost you a mistake. When you run out of mistakes the game is over and you have to start from the beginning.

Use the first few levels of Keyboard Warrior to get used to typing the letters on the screen. Within your time limit. Work on your accuracy and your speed. The beginning levels more or less follow a straight line so you don't have to be as concerned about running out of moves. As you advance though the puzzles get much more difficult and are harder to navigate. If you have worked on your speed and accuracy in the beginning, you can focus on planning moves more.

Keyboard Warrior is an excellent online typing game that will challenge even the most experienced player. Forcing you to use your typing skills and your logic ensures this game is always interesting. It's well worth playing at least one although once will likely mean you end up playing again and again.