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Rating: 3.72/5 stars (206 ratings)

Keyboard Kaos Instructions

Press the number keys on your keyboard to shoot the target.

Keyboard Kaos Walkthrough

Keyboard Kaos is one of the best number-based typing games online. The graphics are fairly basic, but very clean and professional looking; certainly enough to hold the interest of those gamers who are interested in games with good graphics. In fact, these graphics are better than you would find in many of the other number based online typing games. The real fun of this game isn't the graphics though - it's the challenge the game presents.

Keyboard Kaos breaks away from the 'type the numbers in a line' format many number based typing games follow. There is no long string of numbers you need to press in sequence before time runs out. Instead, you are given a more challenging goal - type the numbers as the target pops out of them without hitting the wrong number key. If you hit the wrong number key or fair to hit the number before the target moves on the the next number you get a strick against you. Five strikes means your game is over. This is more in line with many of the standard letter key based typing games and makes this one much harder than the usual number based typing game. You get to learn where the numbers are on your keyboard and get used to using them quickly and accurately.

As you progress in Keyboard Khaos the game speeds up. The target doesn't stay on the number as long and the next target appears more quickly. There is no time limit in this game but not making mistakes gets much harder fairly quickly. You are given enough time to get used to where the numbers are but as the action speeds up, it gets harder and harder to not make mistakes.

Overall, Keyboard Kaos is an excellent online typing game that focuses on helping you learn where the numbers are on your keyboard while challenging you to beat your high score. The game is surprisingly addictive for something so simple and you will find yourself playing again and again. How high can you score?