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Key Krusher Instructions

Use the letter keys on your keyboard to type the letters that rise off the keyboard on the screen.

Key Krusher Walkthrough

Key Krusher is a deceptively difficult game that offers an easy premise, simple rules and nice looking graphics but will absolutely put your typing skills to the test. This is a game of caution, focus and speed; all three of which will have to come together if you want to finish the game with a decent score. On its surface, this particular typing game doesn't really seem all that different from most of the other typing games online and in truth, it really isn't. You need to type the indicated letter before time runs out or you lose a life. If you lose all of your lives your game is over. The difference between this game and most of the other typing games online is the way it is presented and the level of difficulty that comes with the way the game is presented. That level of challenge is also what makes this game such a joy to play. This is a typing game for fans of the genre who want something different, want to put their typing skills to the test and appreciate a good, solid challenge.

In Key Krusher, you are presented with a keyboard. All of the letters are there. When the game starts, a letter will begin to raise off the keyboard on your game screen. That is the letter you need to type. Letters will continue to rise, steadily gaining in speed until you may need to type several letters in a row. The game starts you off easy, allowing you the chance to familiarize yourself with what the game is asking of you but it gets much more difficult quickly. Even experienced typists are going to have a hard time with this one. Accuracy is important in this game, as it is with most online typing games. Along the top of the keyboard you have the numbers one through nine. These numbers represent how many lives you have. If you make a mistake, one of the number keys will disappear. Because you only have nine lives you need to be careful as you type but you also need to be quick. If you fail to enter a letter before the letter destructs on its own, it will be counted as a mistake and you'll lose a life. Again, pretty easy stuff in the beginning but when you have a large number of keys in a row - often times overlapping each other - it gets much more difficult to be both fast and accurate.

Getting a high score in Key Krusher isn't easy. It takes skill but it also takes patience. Anyone can get a great score in this game as long as they're willing to work at it. You will need decent typing skills if you want to get a high score but you'll also need control. Once things start getting more difficult, it's incredibly easy to rush. Rushing, in a typing game like this one, will only lead to mistakes and will hurt your overall score in the end. You need to work on building streaks. At the bottom left side of the screen, you'll see an 'x' symbol along with a number if you've typed multiple letters in a row without making a mistake. This is your streak. Instead of trying to focus on the score at the end, instead focus on keeping your streak intact. This will force you to be careful and pay attention to what your fingers are doing. If you manage to keep playing until the music ends, you'll be rewarded with 100 bonus points. Focusing on anything other than how hard things are getting will help you reach that mark easier - even if it's still far from easy.

Overall, Key Krusher is kind of a contradiction in a lot of ways. It's simple and straightforward but still manages to be extremely difficult. This game has everything that makes typing games fun without being complicated or weighted down with a lot of bells and whistles. There are no fancy upgrades or cute characters to draw you in. The appeal of this game is simply that it's hard. You want to keep playing because you want to get better. The stats at the end of the game are a pleasant bonus and give you a little something extra to strive for. You get to see your longest streak, how accurate you were and what letter you nailed most often and are ranked according to how well you did. Most first time players will get 'novice crusher' but if you stick with it, you'll be able to improve. Have a good time with this one. It's simply too much fun to pass up.