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Jumping Caterpillar Instructions

Jump with 'l', 'k', 'j', 'f', 'd', 's', 'a' letter keys. Hit letter keys that correspond to the letters shown on the game screen for bonus points.

Jumping Caterpillar Walkthrough

I'll admit, it took me a little while to figure out what was happening in Jumping Caterpillar. This isn't your typical online typing game but is a great way to get familiar with using your home row keys. Most typing games simply help build speed for typing while this game focus on building speed while using the proper typing methods. For that reason, this relatively simple game is much more difficult.

In Jumping Caterpillar, you guide your caterpillar from one side of the screen to the other while jumping over obstacles along the way. What letter or letters you use to make your caterpillar jump depends on the level you are in. You start off simple with just the 'l' letter key. In the next level, you add the 'k' letter key. The 'l' makes the caterpillar's head jump with the 'k' making the rest of its body jump. You continue to add letters in each level along your home row. In the next level it will be 'j', then 'f' and so on until you reach the caterpillar's rear with the 'a' button. You have to hit the letters in sequence or your caterpillar will crash and you will lose one of your three lives.

In Jumping Caterpillar, all is not lost when you crash though. If you lose a life, you can collect bonuses to get your lost life back. Bonuses are scattered throughout the levels. These bonuses are the letters you see at the top of your game screen. All you need to do is hit the letter on your keyboard that corresponds with the letter on the screen. It sounds easy, but it can be quite difficult if you aren't used to using home row keys.

The only way to really do well in Jumping Caterpillar is to put your fingers on the home row keys and leave them there. This is great practice for someone looking to improve their typing skills but also provides a great challenge for someone looking for a more difficult typing game. It's a lot of fun and well worth playing.