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JuggleType Instructions

JuggleType is controlled by using the keyboard. Highlight tiles by pressing key that matches the letter of the tile that you wish to highlight.

JuggleType Walkthrough

JuggleType is a simple typing game presented by Altoids, the curiously-strong mints. JuggleType features simple graphics, easy controls, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of JuggleType is to score the designated number of points on each level. To accomplish this goal, you must bounce the puck off of letter tiles by highlighting them. Tiles are highlighted by pressing and holding the corresponding key on the keyboard. If the puck drifts out-of-bounds, you will lose a life. When all lives are lost, the game will end. There is no save system in this typing game, so you will have to complete it in one sitting.

JuggleType is controlled by using the keyboard. Every tile on the screen has a letter embedded in it. Press and hold the corresponding letter on your keyboard to illuminate the tiles. When the puck touches an illuminated tile, it will bounce off of it and you will earn points. If the puck touches a tile that is not lit up, then the tile will be removed from the stage. If too many tiles are removed from the stage, then a large gap will form, allowing the puck to go out-of-bounds which will cost you a life! You can hold down multiple keys at once to illuminate multiple lettered tiles in this typing game, but keep in mind that the average keyboard only registers about three or four simultaneous keystrokes.

JuggleType is an excellent tool for children (or players of all ages) to practice typing. The initial levels deal with the home rows, but later levels become more difficult by including more keys. Players will have to have the layout of the keyboard memorized in order to make the proper keystrokes to keep the puck in play. Looking down at the keyboard can be devastating in this typing game, since players need to keep their eyes on the puck to anticipate its course and keep it in-bounds. Playing this game will give players an incentive to keep their hands in the home row and learn proper typing techniques.

JuggleType is a challenging typing game with a unique, straightforward premise. Whether you need a casual game break or want a tool to help your kids practice their keyboarding skills, JuggleType is worth checking out!