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Ink Battle Instructions

Ink Battle is controlled by using the keyboard. Type in words on paper to increase your mana. Type in the names of units to summon them.

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Ink Battle is a blend between typing game and war game that features colorful graphics, simple controls, and numerous upgrades. This blend of gameplay styles means that Ink Battle can be played for entertainment or can be used as a tool to practice typing.

At its core, Ink Battle is a real-time strategy game. Your goal is to destroy your enemy's base while defending your own. You do not issue orders to troops in this war game. Instead, you must summon enough troops to overpower your enemy; they will do the fighting on their own. If you are overrun, you will lose the battle and have to replay the level, but if you defeat your enemy, you will be able to advance to the next. Your progress is saved in this typing game, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play (provided that you are using the same computer and the cache is not cleared).

Resources generation and unit summoning is handled by typing in Ink Battle. To summon units, type their names (listed at the top of the screen). It costs mana to summon units, which is in turn generated by typing words on pieces of paper that appear in the middle of the screen. Try to keep a high supply of mana since it will make it easier to summon units when you need to quickly bolster your defenses or overrun your enemy! It might be helpful to click on the text field before typing to make sure that it is in focus.

While Ink Battle can be used to practice typing, it is not the best choice of typing game for a classroom environment. The upgrades may distract younger students. This issue is compounded since some upgrades are necessary to complete the entire game. Finally, there are numerous references to classical literature in this typing game which younger children may not be able to appreciate. If Ink Battle is used as an educational tool, it is best used for junior high and high school students.

If you you are looking for a game that requires more skill than clicking buttons or mashing hotkeys to defeat your enemies, then your search is over. Ink Battle is an incredibly-fun war game that can be played guilt-free; just keep telling yourself that you are practicing typing!