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Gyroshi Instructions

Use the letter keys on your keyboard to type the letters on the screen.

Gyroshi Walkthrough

Gyroshi is an awesome online typing game that requires skill, patience and most importantly, timing. It can be an extremely frustrating game and a very difficult game, but with a little patience - and a lot of coordination - you should be able to master it.

Gyroshi is one of the rare online typing games that doesn't require the player to have superior typing skills in order to do well. This one is simply a matter of having focus and paying attention to what is happening on the screen. If you are willing to take your time and get a feel for the game, you should have no problem doing well.

The object of Gyroshi is fairly simple but is actually anything but. You are presented with a large circle with a smaller circle on the border. The letters 'j' and 'f' appear on the circle and begin spinning. The object of the game is to hit the 'j' or the 'f' key the moment it enters the center of the smaller circle. Your timing has to be good if you want to get a 'good' a 'great' or an 'awesome'. If your timing is off, you won't get any encouragement from the game. Instead, you'll be scolded with a 'bad. That isn't where the difficulty ends, however.

Once you've progressed in the game a second circle, that is basically a smaller version of the first circle, will appear on the screen. The letters 'd' and 'k' will the begin circling that second circle. The object is to continue hitting the 'j' and 'f' buttons on time while tackling the 'd' and 'k' buttons as well.

Overall, Gyroshi is an addictive, engrossing game that is perfect for anyone looking for a challenging alternative to traditional typing games. You don't need to be a typing whiz to get the hang of this one - you simply need to be patient.