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Fireball Typer Instructions

Press the letter keys on your keyboard to make corresponding letters on the game screen disappear.

Fireball Typer Walkthrough

Fireball Typer is a very frustrating and very fun online typing game that keeps you on your toes from beginning to end. In this game, the object is to keep the angry little fireball guy from touching letters on the game screen. Once the little guy touches a letter it will turn red. Don't type the red letters and try not to type a letter that isn't on the screen. You are only allowed five mistakes when the game begins. Typing a red letter will use up one of those mistakes and move you closer to game over.

The real goal in Fireball Typer is to get as many letters off of the screen as you can without allowed the fireball to touch any of them. You are bound to make mistakes which is why typing any yellow letters you see is important. Each yellow letter you get will allow you to make one more error. If you have all five of your errors left and get a yellow letter bonus you will get an extra error which will give you six errors between you and game over. It isn't an easy game, but it's fun and maddeningly addictive. You will get frustrated. There is no way to avoid that. It's worth it though. This game is a blast.

The best way to get through Fireball Typer is to watch the fireball and see where he's headed. Get rid of any letters in his way. Start with the letters closest to him and work your way out. You probably won't be able to avoid making at least one error, but you will at least make your game last as long as possible. Also, make sure you get those yellow letters. They'll definitely help you be more successful with this typing game.