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Rating: 4.14/5 stars (1216 ratings)

Fast Typer 2 Instructions

Type the words as they appear on your screen using the letter keys on your keyboard.

Fast Typer 2 Walkthrough

Fast Typer 2 is an incredible addictive online typing game with simple graphics, a simple premise and a simple goal - type as many words as you can in thirty seconds. Everything about this game is simple - aside from getting a high score of course.

Fast Typer 2 requires you to have fast, and more importantly accurate, typing fingers. Each mistake you make costs you one second from your time. That not seem like much but it definitely adds up. To get a high score in this game you need every second you have. Hitting the wrong key more than once can have a major impact on your final score.

Beginners are likely going to find Fast Typer 2 a bit difficult but not so difficult they won't enjoy playing it. While you may not be able to get the highest overall score, you can certainly work to best your old high score. This game is a fun way to build your typing skills and learn how to type better overall. Keep playing and you will see improvements. If you are looking for a way to hone your typing skills for other online typing games, this game will be quite beneficial.

More experienced typing game players will enjoy Fast Typer 2 because it is so much simpler than other typing games but it is also challenging and fun. Instead of having to type words as they drop from the top of the screen to save your city or whatever the premise may be, the only goal in this game is the beat your own high score.

Fast Typer 2 is one of the best online typing games that everyone will find challenging and fun. It's well worth playing; just don't be surprised when you have a hard time stopping. This is definitely an addictive game in the best sense of the term.