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With all of the different genres of online games out there, typing games have the most predictable and perhaps most straightforward control scheme. After all, you only need to use your computer's keyboard to play the game! The same thing with Fast Typer. Well, yes, you need to use your mouse a bit. A couple of clicks to bring up the browser and the game. Hit space bar to get started. And from there, you just need to use your keyboard.

Fast Typer Walkthrough

When playing typing games, or any game for that matter, we want to keep it simple, fast paced, and fun. Fast Typer is one of those typing games that may lack bells and whistles (which is somewhat an issue with typing games in general) BUT the way it's created and played will surely keep you coming back for more.

So what's the idea behind the game? SIMPLE: type as many six letter words as you can within 60 seconds. Being a good typer (I'm a freelance writer), I thought this is a piece of cake. BUT I was mistaken! Three letter words, nah, I won't have any issues dealing with those. Four letter words - maybe they are challenging enough to make my fingers sweat. BUT when you are talking about 6 letter words popping one after the other, that's a different story.

Rancher, Bishop, Nausea - these are just some of the words you will encounter in this fast paced typing game. And no, don't even think about plotting and planning ahead. The words are randomized really well and you have to deal with them as they come and go. My first try with Fast Typer landed me at an abysmal score of 22 six letter words per minute. Not exactly what I was expecting after working and typing on a computer for a living...doing that for almost 2 years now.

BUT hey! I love challenges. So I hit the try again button and off I roll. The second try landed me at 30 words per minute, which is pretty decent. And according to the global score boards, I'm well within the top 30 mark. Now that puts me at ease.

Anyway, just a couple of reminders: that backspace button isn't going to help you. Once you mis-type a letter, that's it, you have to move on to the next and you don't earn any points for that. The key in this game is to be fast BUT steady at the same time. Keep your eyes on the monitor. With only 60 seconds on the clock, you don't have the luxury of looking at your keyboard, then to your monitor, and back and forth. That's bad news, though, if you haven't memorized the keys!

BUT then, Fast Typer is one of the excellent typing games that will give you great practice. If you are on the hunt for typing games that are simple, no bells and whistles to complicate it, BUT are fast paced and will keep you coming back to it, this game is a MUST-play.

Whether you are someone who wants to stave off boredom while waiting for the dull office shift to finish or if you can't find anything else to do, practice your typing skills. This game will give you what you need.