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Rating: 3.89/5 stars (680 ratings)

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Use the letter keys on your keyboard to type the words on the screen.

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Excuses Excuses is just too much fun. This great online typing game puts you in the role many of us are familiar with; staring at an angry teacher trying to explain why we don't have our homework done. The challenge is to type the excuses as they appear in the clouds on the screen before the teacher loses patience. You have five misses before she loses it and the game is over. It's a great game to kill a little time with or to help you develop your typing skills. Kids will also have fun playing it while they learn how to type. Although they might have trouble getting the hang of the game at first, the more they play, the further they will get and the better their typing skills will be.

Excuses Excuses makes learning how to type a fun experience for everyone, with fun graphics and fun excuses. More advanced typers won't really find the game much of a challenge, but they'll enjoy the theme of the game. If you are an experience typing game player looking for a challenge you probably won't find it here, but the game isn't definitely worth playing all the same. Even if you breeze through the levels, you'll still have fun doing it. The levels do get significantly harder as the game progresses, so you may just find the challenge you are looking for if you're willing to wait for it.

Excuses Excuses is perfect for the beginner who hasn't played many typing games, but finds the ones they have played a little too difficult. You will get to hone your typing skills with this fun little game and won't find it too easy to offer any real benefit. All in all, this game offers something for everyone and is well worth playing.