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DinoKids - Trash Typer Instructions

Use letter keys on your keyboard to type the words on the screen. Use 'enter' key to submit.

DinoKids - Trash Typer Walkthrough

Dinokids Trash Typer is a fun little game that will help you learn how to type or will help you kill a little time on a boring afternoon. The game is fairly basic in it's premise. You need to keep the bubbles of trash falling from the top of the screen from hitting the ground at the bottom. To do this you have to type the word on the bubble and hit 'enter' to submit what you typed. The goal is simple, but it gets increasingly difficult to do as the game progresses.

The great thing about DinoKids - Trash Typer is that is is a great game for everyone. Kids will love it and so will adults. While those new to typing games will find the game challenging, more advanced players will likely find it much easier but will still have fun playing. The graphics are fun and the fact that the game keeps record of your high score and allows you to try to beat that score makes it even more addictive. Experienced players will appreciate that aspect of the game even if the game itself is a little easy for their tastes.

With DinoKids - Trash Typer, you start off in Easy mode and slowly work your way up to Expert mode. Expert mode offers quite a challenge; even for those who play online typing games on a regular basis. There are several bonuses throughout the game that beginners will find very helpful when trying to complete the game. The 'speed down' bonus can really help master the harder levels as you will have more time to type the words in the bubbles. It may never reach the difficult level of some of the other typing games available but it is hard enough to keep your interest and keep you playing.