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Clockwords: Act I Instructions

Type words with the letter keys on your keyboard. Press 'space' or 'enter' to submit the word you typed.

Clockwords: Act I Walkthrough

Clockwords: Act I is a marvelous little game that puts a spin on the traditional online typing game. Instead of providing you with words you need to type to destroy enemies or reach the next level, in this game you have to come up with the words on your own. It is this key difference that makes this game so much fun and so incredibly addictive. The goal is simple - type any word that pops into your head, submit that word and take out the steam powered bugs. It sounds easy, but it really isn't.

In Clockwords: Act I, you are given a few letters you can try to use to create words to destroy bugs. The more letters you use from the letters provided, the bigger score you get. You aren't required to use any of the letters provided but if you hope to get a decent score using those letters is a great help. Between levels, you can buy upgrades that deliver more damage, freeze the bugs or take out more than one bug at once. You use these upgrades by hitting a specific letter, but it isn't always easy to work that letter into a word; especially if you're trying to use the letters provided for extra points. If you want to make it to the next level and you simply have too many bugs to take out, freeze the bugs and then type as many little words as you can as fast as you can to clear the screen and the level. Although getting points is great, losing isn't nearly as great, so keep that in mind as you play.

The graphics in Clockwords: Act I are pretty fun and the story can get your attention. Take the time to watch the introduction the first time you play. If you have to start again from the beginning and don't feel the need to watch the intro again, you can skip it.

Overall, Clockwords: Act I is a fun typing game that keeps you interested from beginning to end. It's a game that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their experience with typing games and anyone looking for something a little different.