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Bomb Squad Instructions

Press the number keys on your keyboard that correspond with the numbers on the screen.

Bomb Squad Walkthrough

Bomb Squad is a challenging online typing game that offers something that most typing games don't - a focus on the numbers. It can be hard to find a good game that focuses on teaching you how to use the numbers as the focus is almost always on the letters. For advanced typers who are interested in this genre of game, that can be a problem. If you are a fast typer and are used to all of the typical typing games, you are probably going to find Bomb Squad is exactly what you're looking for.

Bomb Squad is most difficult because it focuses on the numbers which is why this game is ideal for an advanced player looking for a challenge they can't find in traditional typing games. Experienced players are fast typers and are used to the challenges presented by other games in this genre and will often find they are bored of the same old same old. Then a game like Bomb Squad comes along and provides something new, something interesting and something challenging. It's an advanced player's dream.

What is good news for the advanced player is probably not going to be good news for the beginner though. If you are new to typing games, Bomb Squad might not be quite what you're looking for. This game isn't going to teach you how to type better unless you specifically want to improve your use of the numbers on your keyboard. In truth, this game will probably be a little too difficult for beginners to enjoy so they may want to look elsewhere.