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Assault Typing Instructions

Type the words shown on the attacking enemies, hit 'enter' key to submit. Use your left 'caps lock' button to move up and your left 'shift' button to move down.

Assault Typing Walkthrough

Assult Typing is an excellent online typing game that offers something a little different than all of the other typing games out there. Instead of just requiring you to type the words you see on the screen, you will also need to avoid your enemies as they try to attack you and destroy your ship. This little addition to the standard typing game makes this not only one of the more challenging games in this genre, but also one of the most fun. All you have to do is get from one side of the screen to the other, but that is much more difficult to accomplish than it sounds.

With each level in Assault Typing comes significantly increased difficulty and far more enemies than you faced in the previous level. You are constantly being introduced to new enemies that are harder to kill. This is where upgrades come in handy.

You may be tempted to just get to the other side, take out a few enemies but avoid the rest as you don't need to kill all of the enemies that appear, but that will make the game harder in the long run. You earn money for blowing up enemy ships which you can use to upgrade your own ship between levels. It is a good idea to upgrade as soon and as often as you can because you will need those upgrades later in the game which means you need to try to take out as many enemy ships as you can. The most basic upgrade is the missile upgrade. This means you will need to type fewer words to blow up your enemies. Missile speed also helps you take out bad guys faster. Use these two upgrades to get more money to get better upgrades.

Overall, Assault Typing is a fresh and unique take on the traditional typing game that offers a challenge and a lot of fun. It's definitely a game worth playing.