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Arrow Dance Instructions

Hit the arrow keys on your keyboard that correspond with the arrows on the game screen

Arrow Dance Walkthrough

Arrow Dance is a great online typing game with a twist. Instead of typing in words as they appear on the screen, you are given a series of arrows and have to hit the arrow keys on your keyboard that correspond with the arrows on the screen in the right order before your time is up. One wrong move and you lose a life. This challenging and fun typing game is a great way to kill some time and to get better to using your arrow keys which many other typing games ignore.

You start each new level in Arrow Dance with three lives, but as the levels progress and it is harder and harder to keep those lives. Each level brings a reduction in the amount of time you have to complete the sequence so you have to hit those arrow keys faster. This makes the game much more challenging. You have to think quick. Lose three times and you fail.

For someone that uses their arrow keys on a regular basis, Arrow Dance won't pose much of a challenge; at least in the beginning. If you stick with the game, though, you will likely get the level of difficulty you want in later levels. This is one of the few games that offers little in the way of easy game play for those experience with typing games as there are very few typing games online that use the arrow keys at all. If you have experience in other game genres where the main controls are the arrow keys, you will find the game much easier.

Arrow Dance is a great option for someone who wants to get used to using their arrow keys to navigate through games primarily controlled that way. This is also a great game for fans of typing games that are looking for something more challenging than most of the options out there. Overall, this is just a great game in general and well worth a few plays.