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Alphabet Instructions

Use the letters keys on your keyboard to type the letters as they appear on your screen.

Alphabet Walkthrough

Alphabet is a fun and simple online typing game that challenges you to type the alphabet as fast as you can. The letters are shown on the screen as you need to type them and when you're all finished, you're shown your score. The real fun of this game is trying to beat that high score and trying out different ways to type the alphabet.

The fun of Alphabet doesn't have to end just because you got a score you're happy with. If you use the two finger typing method, see what score you can get typing with the Touch Type method. Start out with your fingers on your home row keys (a,s,d,f,j,k,l) and return your fingers back to that position after you type in your letters. This is the way you're supposed to type so this game can be a great, low pressure way to get comfortable with that style of typing.

There are many ways an experienced typer can find a challenge in Alphabet and that's what makes this online typing game so much fun. Beginners can use it to get used to where the keys are on the keyboard before tackling more complex typing games while having a little fun in the process. Overall, this is a great typing game everyone should play at least once. Just don't be surprised if playing once turns into playing again and again.